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Make it your $STYLE

Join the first decentralized metaverse exchange (DMX) and become a part of the revolution for NFT usability and monetization across gaming and the multiverse.


Get $STYLE Token to participate.
Launching: 1st June 2023.

Token Allocation

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STYLE Token.png
Certified by:
Certik Icon_STYLE_Grey.png

Trading on:

MEXC Global Icon_STYLE.png

The token powers the supply chain by rewarding and reimbursing the main participants providing the infrastructure through the ecosystem; Owners of NFTs or 3D Assets and Tailors. Additionally Environments.

Holding $STYLE allows to utilize the protocol and thus enable utility for assets. Additionally it unlocks participation in DAO-decision making and yield on all ecosystem transaction, when staked. 


Total token supply: (Fixed)

Launch Date: 1st June 2023
Available on MEXC



  • Team & Advisors - 16%
    (Team, Early employees & Advisors)

  • Protocol Treasury - 22% 
    (Funding + Marketing)



  • Launch Liquidity - 22%
    (Multiple CEX - Starting with MEXC)

  • Distribution Treasury - 20%
    (Other Exchanges)

  • Community Development - 10% 

  • Ecosystem Growth - 10% 

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