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Become a Tailor:

Join STYLE Protocol as 3D Creator
and unleash your creativity.

Join us as independent Tailor

3D Tailor are Designers who can create fully optimized 3D models for different virtual environments running on different gaming engines such as Unreal Engine, or Unity.


What will you do?

A Tailors’ job is taking any 2D image and turning it into an optimized 3D model for virtual environments with different graphic and optimization requirements.

Rewards and Opportunity.

As Tailor you are reimbursed for every project and asset that you finalise.
You are paid per project in $$$ USDC (ERC-20) and $STYLE, the protocol's native token.


Are you a visionary designer with a passion for innovation? Join our Tailor DAO and play a pivotal role in revolutionising the NFT and Gaming industry. Bring your creativity to the forefront and help craft the next generation of interoperable 3D models with STYLE Protocol.

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Shape the Future of NFTs and Gaming:

Join STYLE Protocol as a Tailor (3D Designer)!

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