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Frequent Questions

  • What is the $STYLE Token?
    The $STYLE Token is your access to an ecosystem of interoperability products and asset usability. STYLE Protocol is an infrastructure layer developing technology and IP for games, metaverses and 3D worlds.
  • What can I do with $STYLE?
    With $STYLE you can access our products: - 2D/NFT Images can be transformed to usable 3D Assets for games - Text to 3D Avatar Tool that lets you create avatars from scratch with Text prompts. Additionally, you can stake $STYLE inside our Ecosystem to get loads of other utility. - Get access to mint upcoming NFT Collections - Earn by locking $STYLE into the Ecosystem
  • Where can I get $STYLE?
    Get $STYLE on CEX or DEX of your choice. Available on CEX: BitGet: MEXC: BitMart: Available on DEX ERC: ARB:
  • How can I earn with $STYLE?
    After purchasing $STYLE Token you can stake the $STYLE into our ecosystem to earn. Access the ecosystem to stake here: There are three Tiers: Tier 1 - Access to free NFT-Mints (x1) Tier 2 - Access to free NFT-Mints (x2) + Voting Tier 3 - Access to free NFT-Mints (x2) + Voting + Guaranteed % Reward on staked Amount The choice is yours!
  • What is the NFT-Collection?
    STYLE Protocol is releasing unique NFT-Collections that come with added in-game utility and different attributes. The NFTs can be used within games directly as they are built on top of the STYLE Protocol. Additionally the NFTs have added attributes that allow you to earn $STYLE and more.
  • How can I mint?
    To mint the NFT-Collection you need to stake $STYLE inside the ecosystem. Join here:
  • What are the benefits?
    Mint NFTs and benefit from the inherit value post mint, as well as utility within games. Additionally the special STYLE Protocol NFT-Collections come with added attributes that allow you to earn within the ecosystem later on...


Unleash utility for your assets

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