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The protocol for your digital $STYLE...

We believe in full interoperability for virtual goods (NFTs).

We believe in a fully decentralized Web 3.0. An open and accessible infrastructure for people to access a wide variety of virtual assets from all around the globe to wear and utilize across multiple metaverses and games.


Our goal is for people to be able to personalize their avatars to the fullest desired extent.
Skins, Fashion, Pets, Weapons, Cars... etc.

“Discover your virtual identity”

We allow designers, brands and any creator into the ecosystem to bring their creations into virtual reality. Additionally NFTs can be utilized for lending and sub-licensing to bring a large supply of 3D assets to players from around the multiverse. 

“True interoperability of virtual assets"

The Roadmap

STYLE Protocol Rotation.gif

Q1 - 2022
1. The idea for a decentralized protocol to connect all metaverses and games was born. The goal is to make NFTs and virtual assets compatible across the multiverse and create a supply chain for players. - ☑️

2. We are initially testing the infrastructure on a few different cases in metaverses such as "Decentraland" and "Sandbox". - ☑️

One of the projects we have developed is "styleXchange" a virtual fashion (NFT) marketplace that uses the $STYLE bridge to bring assets into metaverses. - ☑️

Q2 - 2022

3. In the next stage we are raising funds via our first private token presale I with institutional investors from around the globe to finance further development. - ☑️

4. Multiple Metaverses, Games and NFT-projects are onboarded. Integrations with new and upcoming Metaverses are initiated, the APIs are made public and NFT-Projects can apply to join the protocol. ( - ☑️

Q3 - 2022

5. In early Q3 we are planning on publishing the Whitepaper alongside the tokenomics for the decentralized $STYLE protocol. (We also won 1st place as German Blockchain Deep Tech Startup.) - ☑️

The public launch via LBPs will be announced at a later stage this year but early to our community over eMail and Discord for anyone to get the chance to be involved. - ☑️

6. Some of the NFT-Projects in discussion from Q2 will be published over the MVP. Anyone interested in bringing their NFT into the metaverse can start
using the protocol's first version "0.0.1" to bring NFTs into usability in 3D for a small fee. - ☑️


Q4 - 2022

7. The protocol is prepared for public launch in 2023. Virtual assets will be utilizable across all metaverses and games that have been in development in 2022. - ☑️

A total of 15+ Metaverses has been gathered to integrate the infrastructure. Multiple products to utilize the interoperability on different levels have been launched and are visible on the website and can be used from partners and NFT-Owners or players - ☑️

STYLE Protocol Rocket.png

Q1 - 2023

8. The $STYLE Token, alongside the protocol will be launched in April 2023. The weeks and months of Q1 leading up to the launch will be used to gather more partners for publicity and to test the protocol on all chains that have been integrated thus far. 
(As the protocol serves as cross-world infrastructure it must be compatible with multiple gaming/NFT and web3/crypto chains. 
Like Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Binance etc.)

---- 👆 We are here 👆 ----

Q2 - 2023

9. $STYLE Token is launched and the ecosystem will start operating. By summer 2023 we aim to have 20+ games and metaverses connected through the decentralized protocol in order to allow true compatibility of assets utilized in the worlds. Token Launch Information: Here.


NFT-Projects will be featured and individuals can stake NFTs for usability freely. 

The lending functionality and renting sub-licensing will be unlocked so that anyone staking their NFTs can earn cash-flows from lending the NFTs 3D-derivatives to players across the multiverse.

Q3 - 2023

10. We aim to slowly increase the voting participation opportunities for DAO members. Anyone holding $STYLE token will be able to participate in the votings. Starting with initial decisions such as "new metaverses & games" to add, "new NFT-Collections to feature" etc. all the way to more long-term strategic development decisions.


---- 🚀 More to come 🚀 ----

In order to make the ecosystem work, multiple participants as outlined in community are working together. To incentivize different participants in the ecosystem and to allow for continuous flow of the supply chain on a completely decentralized network the $STYLE token is issued. 

The $STYLE token is designed to be the backbone of the participants and value flow within the ecosystem.


The primary beneficiaries of the token are people staking it and holding it in close participation to the protocol's activity.


Additionally, the $STYLE token allows for participation in DAO votings on the future development of the protocol.

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