The protocol for your style...

We believe in full interoperability for virtual goods (NFTs).

Our story

We believe in a fully decentralized Web 3.0 
An open and accessible infrastructure for people to access a wide variety of virtual assets from all around the globe to wear and utilize across multiple metaverses.


Our goal is for people to be able to personalize their avatars to the fullest desired extent.

“Discover your virtual identity”

We allow designers, brands and any creator into the ecosystem who want to make the metaverse more colorful for visitors. 

“True interoperability of virtual assets to reimagine your reality.”

  1. Providing the largest and most relevant supply of virtual wearables and assets (NFTs) to be distributed and utilized across multiple metaverses.

  2. Enabling people to build their own revenue streams within our infrastructure to empower a new generation of metaverse jobs along
    the $STYLE protocol. ("Tailors" and "Merchants") 

Our goals


1. We are initially testing the infrastructure on a few different cases in metaverses such as "Decentraland" and "Sandbox". - ☑️

One of the projects we have developed is "styleXchange" a virtual fashion (NFT) marketplace that uses the $STYLE bridge to bring assets into the metaverses. - ☑️

2. In the next stage we are raising funds via private token presale with institutional investors from around the globe to setup for a public launch in Q3 2022.
☝️ (We are here)☝️

3. The public launch via LBPs will be announced early to our community over eMail and Discord for anyone to get the chance to be involved.

4. Once the $STYLE protocol is launched we will allow more participants to open their shops, platforms and projects on the protocol.