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Our products:

An overview of the STYLE Protocol products. All products are running on the $STYLE Token Ecosystem.

$STYLE is the protocol's native utility token needed to participate and used to reward users.

For Asset-Holders & NFT Collectors

MVP Bridge_STYLE Protocol .png

NFT-Usability Bridge 

This bridge allows owners and any holder of virtual assets or NFTs to connect and bring their assets into multiple virtual metaverses and games.
People can upload existing 3D files, connect NFTs (3D & 2D) or pictures that are turned into real usable in-game assets for numerous virtual environments. The bridge focuses on singular bridging of assets for usability of the initial holder.

Interoperability Marketplace

The first real metaverse utility marketplace. The STYLE Protocol marketplace is directly connected to the "Main Protocol" and fetches all finalized created derivative assets of any connected asset from the entire owner-base of the protocol.


Every asset that is unlocked for cross-world usability and sub-licensing will be visible for purchase. Visitors can search the marketplace for thousands of assets that are immediately usable in all the different metaverses. This includes Skins, Avatars, Fashion, Weapons and so many more assets that are directly usable in-world in any of the participating games and metaverses.

STYLE Protocol Marketplace - NFTs.png

For Game Studios & Web3 Metaverses

STYLE Protocol_CodeSnippet Fade Right.png

Environment SDK (Asset Supply & Bridge)

STYLE Protocol offers an API and developer toolkit (SDK) that allows developers of virtual worlds to easily retrieve any asset from the protocol. This includes NFTs and in-world assets from other participating metaverses and games, as well as blue-chip NFTs and derivatives that have been connected and made usable by the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) of 3D creatives, known as Tailors. With this toolkits, developers can seamlessly integrate a wide range of assets into their virtual environments.

For Brands and Web3-Projects

NFT-Interoperability Whitelabel - Page

STYLE Protocol offers a white-label bridge landing page and website function that can be easily integrated into any existing project. This feature allows visitors to connect their wallets, select an NFT or virtual asset, and automatically transfer it to any of the participating virtual worlds, games, or metaverses.


Any NFT collection or project can use this function to provide full in-world utility for their assets to their community. For example, a collection of 2D NFT pigs could use the white-label bridge to allow users to transfer their pigs into virtual worlds as skins or pets.

styleXchange - Example Whitelabel.png
Magic Bridge Button Example Whitelabel.png

Magic Bridge-Button SDK

STYLE Protocol offers a bridge-button SDK that can be easily integrated into any existing project website. This feature opens the metaverse bridging functionality of the STYLE Protocol infrastructure immediately on the page of the project allowing users of any project to move NFTs or virtual assets from the project into any metaverse of their choice. 


Any NFT collection or project can use this function to provide full in-world utility for their assets to their community. 

$STYLE Protocol

A decentralized and automated protocol to make assets interoperable across all virtual environments.
The protocol is powered by the $STYLE. The protocol's native utility token needed to participate and used to reward users. Interoperability functionality of the STYLE protocol includes NFTs, virtual (3D) files, virtual (2D) assets that become utilizable across metaverses, games for real in-world utility.


Variables can be attached to the files and theses assets can be bridged across worlds in singular manner or quantified to be used by all players in the different participating worlds. The protocol connects "Owners" of assets with a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) of "Tailors" (3D Creatives). These Tailors can form the necessary variables of assets into all the participating "environments" (Games and Metaverses).


Derivatives of the assets are ether usable in singular manner or can be quantified to earn sales revenue for the owner. The protocol is currently in development but a first version is live on Goerli-Testnet (ETH-Testnet). It will be launched on ETH-Mainnet.

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