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Sulfurions (August)


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The universe most notorious Bounty Hunters!

A society of misfits living on the outer rims of the known universe, predominantly inhabiting the planet Sulfurion (SF-657) in the Wegodian-System. A planet known for the two recourses Sulfur and Argon.
The are famous for wandering outside the known systems into new galaxies looking for rare monsters to hunt. They pride themselves in collecting beastiality trophies from beings of remote planets in outer space.

Not only do they collect them for pride and honor amongst themselves but also to sell them inwards the known galaxies to finance their next heists.

Sulfurion NFTs come with attributes that earn for you and gather rewards.

The Sulfurions are known for being great fighters and loyal to their own kind. They don’t mix with others frequently and their greatest enemies are the Xorphians.
In the great old war the Xorphians tried to conquer Sulfurio for it’s richness in Sulfur and specifically Argon. Argon is a primary element in creating the best laser-fuel for blasters and laser pistols.

The Xorphians failed and retreated back to their system hundreds of years ago but it has left a scar in the society of Sulfirions.

Sulfurions like to mingle in Bars and drink with fellow comrades after their adventures that can take several days or weeks at a time.
There is few discrepancies within their society and within the planet they inhabit. The inhabited part of the planet consists of several cities and villages scattered across the northern poles of Sulfurio.

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