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Deploy virtual goods &
Earn across the supply chain.

Our ecosystem and the different participants.

Bring your NFT or collection into the multiverse - "Owner"

Push your existing (NFT) assets or creations on the $STYLE protocol and decide upon availability of the virtual goods across multiple metaverses and environments.

Ecosystem participant -"Tailor" 

Verified through the blockchain and a governance, a selected number of participants in the DAO are allowed to bridge the assets into virtual 3D goods that are secured on a decentralized system.

Ecosystem participant -"Environment"

Participating games and metaverses can connect to the protocol and access the finalized virtual goods and display them in their networks and shops across the multiverse for players to buy.

Complete usability of virtual assets...

Fashion, skins, avatars, pets and any object that your imagination manages to grasp can be bridged into the metaverse or game and made usable. All participants that supported within the ecosystem are rewarded in $STYLE along the supply chain.

Integration in any game or metaverse

You are working on a Web 3.0/NFT project?
Get in touch and let's connect the worlds to enable thousands of assets, fashion and objects to be utilized in the multiverse.

Participate along our $STYLE protocol and the supply chain with:

- Providing and utilizing an NFT-collection as "owner"
- Creating virtual goods as "tailor" 

- Operating a shop/virtual exhibition as "environment"

Please reach out and introduce your ideas so that we can support your projects through our funds. 

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