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Unlock gaming utility

Join the $STYLE Ecosystem and bring utility to your game assets. Stake $STYLE and earn from upcoming releases.

Transform 2D/3D

Use Assets in Gaming

Stake $STYLE to earn

Your imagination
is the limit

The protocol unleashes cross-game interoperability of 3D assets. 
Be whoever you want to be - Anywhere. 

Turn 2D Images into functional 3D Avatars

Turn NFTs into functional 3D Models

Text to 3D Model Generation Tool

Access and Pay in $STYLE

Use all generated models in Gaming

Full 3D usability for your generated Ideas

Transform NFTs and 2D Assets

Make use of your assets. Hold $STYLE and get access to the protocol for creation of usable 3D assets based on NFT or 2D-Image input. 

Hold to access: 1.000 STYLE
Fee to use: 100$/STYLE

Create 3D from Ideation/Text

Unleash your creativity. Input text prompts for AI Avatar creations. After your approval they are turned to functional 3D models. 

Hold to access: 2.500 STYLE

Fee to use: 100$/STYLE

Stake and Earn

Step 1 


Purchase $STYLE from a CEX or DEX of your choice and hold it inside the wallet you are using to connect to the ecosystem.

Step 2

Stake $STYLE

Join the ecosystem and stake $STYLE to receive access to upcoming NFT-Collections and game assets.

Step 3

Mint and Earn

Use your newly minted NFTs and assets to earn yield in $STYLE, $USDT and other rewards by engaging with your characters.


Unleash utility for your assets

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