Utilize virtual assets (NFTs) in any game or metaverse 

An open protocol to license NFTs and virtual assets to players in any metaverse.

“Interoperability of virtual assets to reimagine your
reality across the metaverse.”

Deploy your fashion, wearables and NFT assets on $STYLE to automatically release them across multiple worlds to be used by players and users. 

With our "Decentralized Metaverse Exchange" (DMX), virtual fashion, wearables and all NFT assets can automatically made usable in multiple worlds and metaverses.

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Fashion and 
wearable NFTs

Bring your Fashion-NFTs onto the STYLE protocol and make it utilizable across different metaverses to wear.

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Bring NFTs to the multiverse as pets.

Bring 3D NFTs and objects into any metaverse to serve as decoration and in-world-assets. 

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Bring NFTs to the multiverse as skins.

Bridge existing 2D NFTs into the protocol to get your metaverse version as skin, asset or companion.

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Your imagination
is the limit...

If you can imagine it, the STYLE protocol can turn it into metaverse reality.

Transcend your
virtual identity. 

The STYLE protocol is running as a Decentralized Metaverse Exchange (DMX) that enables you to launch your Fashion-NFTs, assets and any object of your imagination into the multiverse.


Transport your Art-NFTs and wildest virtual assets into the metaverse of your choice. 

The STYLE protocol is operated by a community to bridge the NFTs into 3D formats and release them into different metaverses for you as owner and participant. The community will govern the protocol as a DAO.

Use cases
& Options

1. Fashion

2. Avatars

3. Objects

Want to participate?


Join our growing number of NFT-projects.

Your assets in multiple metaverses. Working on more integrations.


Assets brought into circulation thus far. 



Designers, Creators and participants from around the globe.


One common goal. 

Multiverse utility and usability of your NFT.


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Projects + NFT Collections

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Network & Partners

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Do you have assets that
you want to utilize in the metaverse?

Want to join the STYLE protocol with your project and deploy an NFT collection to be utilized in the metaverse as objects, fashion, skin, pet or other wearable?

Become part of the $STYLE 
community and participate in the creation of the first "Decentralized Metaverse Exchange" (DMX).