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Transform NFTs and 3D assets in any virtual world

Interoperability for Metaverses & Gaming

“Anyone can now use NFTs and Collectibles in the metaverse.”

Your NFTs or Collectibles can be a physical design, like a piece of artwork, or a wearable item, like a virtual outfit. These can be used in Metaverses to create an avatar that represents you in the virtual world. You can use your NFT as a skin or wearable for your avatar, or we can create a whole new avatar for you to use in the metaverse.

Fashion and 
Wearable NFTs

You can bring your Fashion-NFTs onto STYLE Protocol and use them to create avatars or outfits for Metaverses. This allows you to wear your Fashion-NFTs and to show off your STYLE.

RTFKT Sneaker STYLE Protocol_NFT.png
Fashion STYLE Protocol_NFT.png
Dolce Gabbana STYLE Protocol_NFT.webp
Citizen #750.jpg
BAYC_STYLE Protocol.png

Bring NFTs to the multiverse as skins.

Transform existing 2D NFTs, or 3D assets on the STYLE Protocol to get your metaverse version as skin, asset or companion.

Complete usability in all virtual worlds

CloneX-6773 STYLE_Protocol Original.png
CloneX_Avatar_STYLE Protocol.jpeg
CloneX_Avatar_STYLE Protocol_DCL_edited.
CloneX_Avatar_STYLE Protocol_Voxel.png

If you are a creator or a holder of any NFT collection, you can use STYLE Protocol to transform your NFT into the different virtual worlds here.



If you are a 3D Designer/Modeler/Artist, you have the possibility to open up another income stream while creating 3D assets for the different virtual worlds we partnered with. Just join our Discord here and get in touch with the team.


If you build a virtual world, i.e., Metaverse, Blockchain Game or just a Social Virtual Place, STYLE Protocol brings more 3D assets through its supply chain into your virtual world. It means, we bring more players and also simultaneously more NFTs to your marketplaces.

An ecosystem for anyone to transform NFTs and assets into the metaverse by adding monetization and utility.


Crypto Voxels.png
Mona Metaverse.png
Cosmic Factions and STYLe.png
Somnium Space.png.webp
GameState_ STYLE Protocol_.png
AdaLand and STYLE.png.webp

Network & Partners

Ethereum Logo.png

Do you have assets you want to utilize in the metaverse?

Want to join the STYLE protocol with your project and deploy an NFT collection to be utilized in the metaverse as objects, fashion, skin, pet or other wearable?

Become part of the $STYLE 
community and participate in the creation of the first "Decentralized Metaverse Exchange" (DMX). 


Leo Hilse - Portrait.png

Leo Hilse
Bus. Dev. & Finance

Luai Shaibani SXC.png

Luai Shaibani
Data & Collaborations

Fatima Ezahra SXC.png

Fatima El Khalloufi
Marketing & Community


Ibad Shaik
Backend Development

Gian Marco Hammond.png

Gianmarco Hammond
Creative Lead & PR


Brian Leung
3D Designer


Hamza Salem

Sheik Sharjeel SXC.png

Sheikh Sharjeel

Rene Petrevski.png

Rene Petrevski
Bus. Dev.

Tim Segewitz.png

Tim Segewitz

Marketing & Metaverses


Savish Uttam
Virtual Design

Maartje Bevers_STYLE.png

Maartje Bevers
Design & Fashion

Mario Zimmermann.jpg

Mario Zimmermann
Strategy, Fashion & E-Commerce


Lilia Severina_STYLE.png

Lilia Severina
Blockchain & Finance


Steve Becerra.png

Steve Becerra
Blockchain & Web 3.0


Thomas Herbst.jpeg

Thomas Herbst
Blockchain & Tokenomics


Carsten Claus.png

Carsten Claus
Future Anthropology


Nick Staheyeff.jpeg

Nick Staheyeff
Strategy & Finance


Lloyd Purser.png

Lloyd Purser
Token & Web 3.0



Robin Weninger
Blockchain & Web 3.0


Cris Tran_edited.jpg

Cris D. Tran
Strategy & Token


Sagar Advisory Board.png

Sagar Barvaliya
Blockchain & Web 3.0


Thomas Müller.jpg

Thomas Müller
Blockchain & Tokenomics


Matthias Meyer Luterloh.png

Matthias Luterloh
Fashion & Blockchain


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